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Control Theory, TSRT09

Course information, VT1, 2023


The course will provide the theoretical tools for understanding the basic properties of multivariable and nonlinear system subject to disturbances. It also aims to teach the most common synthesis methods and the related computer tools.

Course content:

  • Multivariable (MIMO = Multi Input Multi Output) systems. Properties and analysis methods.
  • Fundamental limitations on what performances can be achieved.
  • Regulator synthesis. Systematic methods based on optimization. Regulator sensitivity and robstness performances.
  • Nonlinearities. Analysis methods and regulator design.


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Examinator and lecturer:

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Course material:

The course book can be bought at Bokakademin. For the Swedish version, a list of errata is available here. If you find some other error please can send an e-mail to ljung@isy.liu.se so that we can update the material.

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