Current ISIS Projects

Data Bases for Control, Modelling and Simulation

Embedded Realtime Databases for Engine Control
Jörgen Hansson, Thomas Gustafsson

Diagnosis, Supervision and Safety

Diagnosis and Supervision for Vehicle Functions
Lars Nielsen, Erik Frisk, Marcus Klein, Lars Eriksson
Fault Isolation in Object Oriented Control Systems
Ulf Nilsson, Inger Klein, Dan Lawesson
Detection and Diagnosis in Control Systems
Lennart Ljung, Inger Klein, Fredrik Gustafsson, Anna Hagenblad, Mattias Krysander

Techniques for Developing Integrated Control and Information Systems

Resource Management in Wireless Communications Systems
Fredrik Gustafsson, Fredrik Gunnarsson, Erik Geijer Lundin, Frida Gunnarsson

Methods for Synthesis of Control and Supervision Functions

Supervision and Control of Industrial Robots
Svante Gunnarsson, Mikael Norrlöf, Erik Wernholt
Model Predictive Control for Systems Including Binary Variables
Anders Hansson, Torkel Glad, Daniel Axehill

Signal Processing in Integrated Control and Supervision Systems

Navigation Systems
Fredrik Gustafsson, Gustaf Hendeby
Signal Interpretation and Control in Combustion Engines
Lars Eriksson, Per Andersson
Sensor Fusion
Fredrik Gustafsson, Rickard Karlsson, Jonas Gillberg