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ERNSI Workshop 2015

Varberg, Sweden, September 20-23

Welcome to the website of the 2015 workshop of the European Research Network on System Identification (ERNSI).


The workshop will be held at Varbergs stadshotell (map location).

Varberg can be reached by train from both Gothenburg and Copenhagen, where there are international airports (Landvetter in Gothenburg and Kastrup in Copenhagen). In Copenhagen, the trains depart directly from the airport and the train trip to Varberg is approximately 3 h. In Gothenburg, the airport is about 25 km from the railway station in the city center. The train trip from Gothenburg to Varberg takes approximately 40 min.

Trains to/from Varberg (Øresundståg)

Buses from/to Gothenburg airport

Combined train and bus tickets

Varbergs stadshotell is situated on Kungsgatan 24-26 in Varberg, which is 600 m from the railway station.


Participation in the workshop is by invitation only since it is intended for the members and invited guests of the ERNSI teams.


Registration information is available here (deadline: August 25).


Contributions to the workshop can be submitted by sending an e-mail to Martin Enqvist and providing the following information (deadline: August 25):

  • Preferred contribution type (tutorial lecture (45 min), regular talk (30 min), or poster)
  • Title
  • Contributor names
  • Affiliations and positions of the contributors
  • Abstract (not more than half an A4 page)


  • Registration deadline: August 25
  • Deadline for submission of contributions: August 25

Technical Program Committee

  • Martin Enqvist, Linköping University, Sweden
  • Marion Gilson, Université de Lorraine, France
  • Tomas McKelvey, Chalmers University, Sweden

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