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Networked Control and Multi-Agent Systems, August 28-30, 2013

A networked control system consists of a set of dynamical units that interact over a signal exchange network for its coordinated operation and behavior. Such systems have found many applications in diverse areas of science and engineering, including multiple space, air, land, and underwater vehicles, energy and power systems, physiology, and medicine.

General Information

The course is given on August 28-30 by Magnus Egerstedt, and it will be held at the department of Automatic Control.

Course Description

  • Day 1: Network Models (graphs, random graphs, random geometric graphs, state-dependent graphs, switching networks) and Decentralized Control (limited computational, communications, and controls resources in networked control systems).
  • Day 2: Multi-Agent Robotics (formation control, sensor and actuation models).
  • Day 3: Mobile Sensor Networks (coverage control, voronoi-based cooperation strategies) and LANdroids (mobile communications networks, connectivity maintenance).


Some prior exposure to linear systems theory.


  • Basic concepts in networked control:
    • From biological swarms to graph-based models.
  • The consensus problem:
    • Reaching decentralized agreements through cooperative control.
  • Distributed control:
    • Optimization-based control design.
  • Application 1 - Multi-agent robotics:
    • Formation control and leader-follower networks.
  • Application 2 - Sensor networks:
    • Coverage and detection problems.

Workload and Credits

Your responsibilities in this class will fall into two main categories: Two homework sets that will be completed at the end of Days 1 and 2, and a multi-agent project that will involve all the tools developed in the course. This project will have to be completed one week after the course ends. The number of credits for the course will be announced soon.


There will be daily mini-homework followed by a matlab-based design project.


Lecture slides and the hand-in material at the lectures.

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